In-house Solutions

Our Customised On-Site Solution (COSS) is for organisations when multiple staff have common training needs and where In-house programs are the more economical option. We conduct bespoke training programs tailored to individual requirement, delivering pinpoint results.

Camaval In-house Strategic Learning Solutions offer a full spectrum of short courses, keeping your travel cost at zero and your downtime at the minimum. Our public courses and in-house training programmes cover areas such as Sales, Project Management, Personal Development, Electricity and Power, Oil and Gas, Management & leadership and a host of other areas and are produced for the purpose of meeting your specialized training needs while surpassing your expectations.

Why Choose this Option?

  • Its cost-effectiveness: Overhead costs associated with attending programs such as transportation, accommodation is reduced.
  • Suitability – The training is brought to you in your premises or any location chosen by you
  • Customizability – You choose the course content based on your needs, and it is tailored differently for each organization
  • Request for Proposal

    Kindly email Camaval International at or call +6 016-8990869 for more information or to request for quotation.

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