About Us

Camaval is one of the leading providers of Professional Training, In-Company Training, Forums, Conferences and Summits. Leveraging on our years of experience and expertise, we deliver high standard training services to all kinds of clients whether they are start-ups or in the Public sectors, SMEs, NPOs, FTSE100 companies. Our public courses attract clients from Africa, Asia, Middle-East and Europe and beyond.

At Camaval we partner with an impressive array of associate trainers and great minds that are the best in their fields and are appropriate with regards to their training style, skills and expertise as well as their experience and proven results in the given industry. We also lay great emphasis on the dynamism of the training in that it is able to inspire, challenge and motivate our delegates by its relevance to the present challenges in the real world. This is achieved by having small groups of professional participate in different relevant exercises, role plays and discussions that give the delegates usable skills and tools that they can directly apply when they go back to work.

Course Content

We produce course contents that are very industry specific and reflect modern concepts and researches and are constantly streamlined to meet delegate requirements. Meeting all course content as advertised on our brochures is certainly important however depending on the group certain course topics could be emphasized on more than others.

Questionnaires completed by delegate pre-programme commencement enables the trainers appropriately conform the course content to meet specific delegate needs plus objectives of the delegates are revised at intervals before, during and after the event so that our trainers can deal with any concerns of delegates.

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