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Course objectives

• Improve your knowledge and understanding of HV power cables
• Gain expertise in managing special project installations
• Update your knowledge of the latest developments in cable technology
• Improve your ability to specify and source vital long term strategic assets
• Insight and methodologies to determine the ampacity as accurately as possible
• Deliver best value over the lifetime of your company’s cable assets
• Enhance specialist HV cable skills that are in short supply

Who should attend?

The course is designed for the benefit of people who would like to expand their technical skills and or gain knowledge in the area of managing Cable design projects at 33kv and above. Your aim maybe to specialize in Cable Engineering or broaden you knowledge in Cable designs and Engineering, this programme caters for that as well. Others who should attend includes:

• Transmission Engineers
• Technical Managers for Cable Manufacturing
• Regulators
• Production Engineers
• Power Quality
• Quality Assurance Engineers
• Power R&D Engineers
• Large commercial and manufacturing electricity users

Some of The Program Topics
  • Basic Theory and Materials
  • Cable Systems and Types – LV and HV
  • Cable Installations
  • Cable Principles and Physics
  • Existing Cable System Types
  • Selecting New Cable: System Types
  • Cable Rating Practice
  • Installation and Environmental Planning
  • Cable Section Lengths and Bonding
  • Cable Manufacture Video
  • Planning Summary and Enquiry Documentation
  • Tender Analysis and Contract Handling
  • A commercial computer program based on international standards
  • Finite element program for complex cable arrangements
  • Rating of Cables in Unfavorable Thermal Environments and Cables in Deep Tunnels
  • Cables crossing other cables and heat sources
  • Cables crossing short unfavorable regions
  • Cables in deep tunnels
Download Course brochure for full details

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Delegates who attend and complete the course would be issued a Certificate of Completion by Camaval International.

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