3 - Day Online Course

Organizational Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Developing Practical Skills for Effective Negotiation and Resolutions

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Course Date : September 26-28, 2020
Course Venue : Virtual Classroom
Course Time : (UAE) 11.00 - 16.00 & (Riyadh) 10.00 - 15.00
Price : USD 1150

One thing that makes highly effective individuals different from everyone else is their ability to think, plan and act strategically when they negotiate and manage conflict. Indeed, strategic management and leadership best practice consistently identifies highly effective negotiation and conflict management skills as crucial for both personal and organisational high performance and success. This hands-on online training course on Negotiation & Conflict Management in Organisations provides an insightful and illuminating strategic analysis of negotiation and then details highly effective practical negotiation and conflict management strategies and tactics that drive successful outcomes. Delegates will leave this online training course with a richer and deeper understanding of the way they negotiate and manage conflict and will have significantly improved their practical ability to control and add value through the negotiation and conflict management processes across a range of scenarios and contexts. Not only do these skills potentially lead to significantly better deals and commercial agreements, they also enable teams to be managed better, allow more constructive interactions with customers, clients and colleagues, and help manage dealings with others even when they are difficult or aggressive negotiators.

Who Should Attend
Course Outline

Topic 1: Breaking Down the Negotiation Process

Topic 2: Implementing Practical Negotiation Strategies

Topic 3: Preparation Templates, Sources of Power & Key Mediation Techniques

Topic 4: Communicating to Maximise Negotiation Effectiveness

International and Cross Cultural Complexities


Delegates who attend and complete the course would be issued a Certificate of Completion by Camaval International.

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Course Coordinator via email info@camaval.com

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